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Various Size Stackable Resistor Storage Box image

by termlimit creative-commons

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Various Size Stackable Resistor Storage Box

About this model

This must-have Various Size Stackable Resistor Storage Box created by termlimit is available here on Thingiverse as 3D print model. Perfect for reducing storage and clutter, the 3D model features a stackable design with a minimum of 9 compartments of various sizes, so you can easily store resistors, LED, IC chips and more. It is a convenient storage box and a great space saver that can hold up to maximum of 6 different electronics components at once. Printed in PLA, the stackable resistor boxes, which come in sizes 2 to 14 pin components, make for simple organizing while protecting your parts. Download the 3D printable various size stackable resistor storage box today using Thingiverse. 3d print, 3d model, 3d printing, termlimit, resistor, LED, IC chip, compartments, stackable, PLA, Thingiverse, storage, components.

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