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Venus Box image

by Prot0typ1cal creative-commons

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Venus Box

About this model

This 3D print model of a Venus Box was designed by Prot0typ1cal printed in 3D to create a unique accent for design lovers. It has two parts, one being the box and the other part being the lid. This piece of art features a intricate detailed carving work all around it giving it an even more intricate, cosmic appearance. The box has a very curved and organic shape. The carvings are so delicate, adding extra charm to the model. The overall shape is designed to look like female anatomy suggesting a form of Venus de Milo goddess. Perfect for collectors, this functional and attractive 3D printed Venus Box model will add an exquisite addition to your collection. Get it 3D printed for you in the material of your choice to add a mesmerizing touch to your home. 3D print, Venus de Milo, Venus Box, Prot0typ1cal, 3d printing, sculpture, ancient Greek art, unique home decor, sophisticated accent, box, lid, intricate details, organic shape.

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