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Secret Butterfly Box image

by 3DPRINTINGWORLD creative-commons

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Secret Butterfly Box

About this model

The Secret Butterfly Box is a 3D Printed model created by 3DPRINTINGWORLD and designed for This nifty 3D Print Item features a unique curved top lid and intricate box detail with several small compartments designed to resemble a butterfly's body. Add a special touch to any desk or shelf with this Secret Butterfly Box 3D printed model. You can also use it to store small objects or jewelry to make a hidden surprise for a loved one. The perfect 3D printed item to show off your creativity and 3D printing skills. Get the STL file for free at and start showing off your 3D printing projects today. 3DPRINTINGWORLD 3D Printing, Thingiverse 3D Print Item, Secret Butterfly Box.

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