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Storage box / Lattice box / Gitterbox image

by Merkli creative-commons

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Storage box / Lattice box / Gitterbox

About this model

This 3D-printable lattice box, designed by Merkli, is the perfect storage solution for all your belongings. With a simple lattice pattern covering the sides, this storage box exudes an elegant charm. It also has enough strength to hold plenty of your possessions. Overall, this 3D-printable storage box measures 120 mm x 85 mm x 67 mm, and is made of a durable PLA filament. The lattice pattern's spindly arms reach inwards and connect to the box's bottom, making the structure incredibly sturdy. The box closes shut easily with the help of magnets. This 3D-printable model from Thingiverse is an ideal solution for storing all your knick knacks and small accessories. Get the URL for Merkli's 3D-printable lattice box model at Whether you need to organize your doodads or just need a nifty little storage box, this 3D-printable model by Merkli will do the job.

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