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UNO Card Box image

by markus_p creative-commons

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UNO Card Box

About this model

This 3D printed UNO Card Box is perfect for game night with friends and family. It's designed and created by markus_p. Constructed from several pieces, the card box features a full size lid, a base with pockets for each card, and compartments to hold dice and other game pieces. The specially designed containers ensure the cards don’t get misplaced. Made with durable materials, the 3D printable model is perfect for keeping everything organized, regardless if you’re playing UNO, or any other card game. Get your own UNO Card Box 3D printable model from Markus_p on Thingiverse now. 3d print, 3d printed, card game, 3d printed object, 3d printable model, container, game piece, card, lid, base pocket, dice, 3D printed UNO Card Box, Markusp, Thingiverse, model, organize

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