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by CreativeTools creative-commons

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Stacking box

About this model

This is a beautiful 3d printed Stacking Box created by CreativeTools. This combined geometric shapes 3d printed model consists of separate parts that stack together. The design is geometric and modern and it comes in two different shapes―a pentagon and a parallelogram―which one can use to create interesting structures.This 3d printed model is suitable for interior decor, toy storage or a unique gift. The enclosed design and structure is printed out of a single filament for aesthetic and structural stability.The Stacking Box 3D Print Model can be customised and scaled using 3d printing software and is compatible with all FDM Machines. Download the STL file from the CreativeTools Thingiverse page ( and 3d print your own model. Experience the power of 3d printing with this CreativeTools 3D print model.

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