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Stackable Screw Box image

by Wick3d creative-commons

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Stackable Screw Box

About this model

Introducing the Stackable Screw Box 3D model created by Wick3d! This stackable storage solution separates out your screws and small hardware for easy control. It consists of a base box, several smaller boxes of progressive sizes, and 6 labeled lids. Download this 3D model free from Thingiverse at and start 3D printing your own Stackable Screw Box for your craft and DIY projects! Featuring interlocking stacking capability, this 3D print model is an ideal way of keeping all your screws and small parts organized and in one place. With robust construction, the 3D printed Stackable Screw Box will be incredibly durable and resilient. Every compartment is labeled for easy identification. This Stackable Screw Box design features smart storage capabilities with large compartments that fit more components and small compartments for jewels or micro pieces. The 3D design of this model created by Wick3d helps you identify and sort a variety of bits and pieces of small hardware tool components, making it the perfect storage solution. Whether it be hardware hobbyist, maker movements, DIY creative activities, or any kind of craft and design work, this useful 3D model is a must-have for convenience in managing your small components. Download and 3D print your own Stackable Screw Box from Thingiverse at for free today!

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