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soap box Lush image

by egoitz89 creative-commons

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soap box Lush

About this model

This 3D Print Model of a 'Soap Box Lush' is created by egoitz89 and available for download at Thingiverse. This model is an example of amazing design and printing capabilities that 3D printing offers. Printed with PLA filament, the 'Soap Box Lush' features detailed compositions with a soap-like texture dissecting the box. It's a great item to help organize your environment, perfect for styling your home or office. The model is provided in STL format ready for 3D printing. Get this 3D print and create a unique, rugged look for your own home or as a gift for your friends and family. With 3D printing, Soap Box Lush will add a beautiful piece to your home. Get your 3D printable STL file now, and start 3D printing! Tags: #3dprint #3dmodel #3dprinting #3dprinted #thingiverse #soapboxlush #egoitz89 #pla #stl

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