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Sliding Lid Box image

by eliask creative-commons

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Sliding Lid Box

About this model

This 3D print model is a Sliding Lid Box created by eliask, available on Thingiverse. The model is a great multi-use box with a sliding lid cover for easy and secure closure. It features wall and lid openings that have been pre-aligned so that it can be easily constructed using single-, double-, and triple-wall techniques. It comes in three sizes: Small (83 x 54 x 34mm), Medium (125 x 83 x 44.3mm), and Large (170 x 107 x 56mm). It can be printed in regular materials such as PLA and ABS. Its walls are also thick with semicircle edges which gives it a smooth sliding action. This model is a must-have for anyone who needs a customized and secure lid box to store their valuables or other items. Enjoy this amazing 3D print model by eliask - perfect for your storage needs!

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