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Screwable Jewellery Box image

by wizard23 creative-commons

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Screwable Jewellery Box

About this model

2017Beautifully crafted screwable jewellery box from creator wizard23 now available in 3d printed form. This intricate design has five side panel frames connected by a screwable base. The base is secured with four countersunk screws that make the box easy to open and close. The unique 6-sided shape allows for an interesting display of jewellery and other precious items. You can personalize the box with different colors and scales to create a one-of-a-kind 3d printed jewellery box. Get this 3d print model design at, courtesy of creator wizard23, 3d print models make great gift ideas for all of your special occasions. Grab this screwable, customizable jewellery box now and keep all of your precious items secure and beautiful. 3d printed models, 3d print model design, 3d printed jewellery box, 3d print gift, thingiverse,, screwable jewellery box, wizard23.

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