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screw-box image

by Defauld creative-commons

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About this model

This 3d print model is a "screw-box" created by Defauld and available on This is an object consisting of a rectangular container which can be easily screwed in place without getting detached. It's perfect for keeping small items and organizing them in one neat place. This screw-box model is highly detailed and made from strong plastic, so it will withstand regular use. It will look great both when finished with just a 3D printer or with a custom paint job! Get this 3D printable object and add a touch of style to your collection. It's ideal for any enthusiast or master of 3d design. Get this screw-box model today and start creating amazing and unique 3D designs. #3dprint #3dprintmodel #Defauld #screw-box #thingiverse

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