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Russian Doll Maze Puzzle Box image

by 3DFabXYZ creative-commons

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Russian Doll Maze Puzzle Box

About this model

This Russian Doll Maze Puzzle Box by 3DFabXYZ is an intricate, 3D printed design that brings together beauty and challenge all in one! A traditional Russian nested Doll was the inspiration of this hand-crafted maze puzzle. With creative and cleverly-designed pathways hidden among the shapes of the dolls, this 3D print model makes for a unique and entertaining challenge. It’s perfect for beginners and experts alike. It’s a great way to spend your spare time and even makes a great gift for your family or friends. You are guaranteed to find hours of solace in trying to unravel the riddle of these nesting boxes. Get it now at 3DFabXYZ and discover the complexity of this Russian Doll Maze Puzzle Box ( 3D printing, maze puzzle box, 3DFabXYZ, challenge, Russian Doll, nest, box, unique, beginners, experts, solace, riddle, nesting box.

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