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Roll Top Box - round image

by gabrielfp creative-commons

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Roll Top Box - round

About this model

55This beautiful Roll Top Box - round is an amazing 3D printed model created by gabrielfp. It has a diameter of 7.1cm and an amazing tide closure that opens and closes in a sliding manner. This model is perfect as the object of decoration, or to store tiny objects such as jewelry or rings. Its SVO, STL or ZIP file formats offer you an intense expression capacity for different 3d printing needs. Bring this awesome item into your life! Get the 3D printed Roll Top Box - round and show your creativity in 3D printing works. Perfect for DIYers, hobbyists, makers, students, teachers, engineers and designers alike. Download the files of this project now in Thingiverse. Get your 3D printed Roll Top Box - round now! 3D Print, 3D Printer, 3D Printing Model, Roll Top Box - Round, Creator gabrielfp, Thingiverse.

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