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Resistor Box [Stackable and Customizable] image

by STTrife creative-commons

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Resistor Box [Stackable and Customizable]

About this model

This customizable 3D Resistor Box Stackable model by STTrife is a great addition to your collection of 3D prints. Its creative design and intricate details make it unique. This Resistor Box Stackable is a multipurpose model that can be used as a container for resistors, switches, plugs or any other electrical components. The model is highly customizable and allows you to customize its size and shape for whatever application you may need. It includes segments which can be separated and stacked together to increase its capacity. The size of one box segment is 40mm x 40mm x 10mm (1.57inch x 1.57inch x 0.4inch). The model is compatible with most of the 3D printing materials and is available in a variety of colors for added visual appeal. The model is available at and is easy to download and print. So if you're looking for an efficient way to store and organize your electronic components, the Resistor Box Stackable model from STTrife is the perfect solution.

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