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Rectangular storage box image

by chuotdong creative-commons

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Rectangular storage box

About this model

This 3d print model Rectangular Storage Box, designed by chuotdong, is a 5-part diy module system printer. It is perfect for storing small items such as books, CDs, toys, or anything else you need to keep stored away. The box has an open top and a thick inner wall for sturdiness. The bottom of the box has four 4mm strips of filament with a small ventilation hole and two grips for easy carrying. The lid provides a flat space for keeping flat items like paper, books or magazines. This is a great 3d print model for storing small items while keeping them organized and out of sight. This storage box is a perfect 3d printable model to help you stay organized and free up space for your projects. Get the Rectangular Storage Box for 3d printing from chuotdong on Thingiverse now!

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