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Print in Place Nozzle Box image

by John_Wet creative-commons

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Print in Place Nozzle Box

About this model

This 3D Print in Place Nozzle Box made by John_Wet is an essential tool in the 3D print toolbox. It provides the opportunity to store and transport your nozzles safely and in style. It is quick and easy to print, and due to the ‘doves tail’ design, the box clicks together without the need for extra fastening. It is perfect for the nozzles of both direct Heatbreak and Bowden extruders. The box comes as both a single lidless box tailored to the specifics of the nozzles, and as a double lidded box for those who need more protection. For the novice 3D printer this is very easy to 3D print and will make sure your nozzles are kept in great condition for days and years to come. Find this 3D printable model on Thingiverse by John_Wet, here: Nozzle box, 3D printable model, 3D printing tools, protect nozzles, 3D prints, John_Wet, Thingiverse, easy to print, storage, transport, safe, direct Heatbreak Bowden extruders, single lidless box, double lidded box, 3D printer, condition.

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