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Preassembled Iris Box image

by emmett creative-commons

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Preassembled Iris Box

About this model

Introducing the beautiful Preassembled Iris Box by emmett, now available as a 3D print model. This 3D model of the intricate Iris Box features a complex mix of organic shapes and detailed contours that are sure to capture attention. Prepare to be amazed as the Iris Box opens up into a beautiful, geometric display. The 3D model was pre-assembled so your 3D printed item will look just as stunning as the original. Perfect for collectors and 3D printing enthusiasts, this extraordinary 3D print model is a must-have. Download the STL file today and add this remarkable Iris Box to your 3D printing collection. Get the STL file at and make your 3D printing dreams come true.3D Print Model, 3D Printing, Iris Box, Complex, Geometric, Preassembled, emmett, 3D printing collection, STL file

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