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Pokemon Tretta - Mini collection box  image

by cycstudio creative-commons

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Pokemon Tretta - Mini collection box

About this model

This delightful 3d printable Pokemon Tretta mini collection box is created for Pokemon fans to collect and organize their Pokemon Tretta chips. It is designed by Cycstudio on Thingiverse which is downloadable in free .STL format. This eye-catching mini collection box is decorated with Pokemon Tretta logo and includes 8 elements to print. With outstanding detail and neatly designed partitions, it is perfect for organizing the chips according to the sets. It also has empty area for adding new Tretta chips with the latest Pokemon characters. The layers are separated to store chips from 3 different games such as figures, special attack tokens, and evolving cards. Get your hands on this uniquely customized 3d printed Pokemon Tretta mini collection box and store all your Pokemon Tretta chips in one place. 3d printing, 3d printed, Pokemon, Tretta, mini collection box, Cycstudio, Thingiverse, .STL, logo, 8 elements, detail, partitions, figures, attack tokens, evolving cards, customization.

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