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Pocket Pill Box image

by ccantwel creative-commons

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Pocket Pill Box

About this model

Store your medication in style with this Pocket Pill Box 3D Print Model! Designed by ccantwel, this model is perfect for organizing your pills into a separate and secure holder. The Pocket Pill Box has a modern and sleek design that is perfect for anyone in need of a way to store and carry their pills. It is easy to assemble and can fit any type of medication. Additionally, this 3D printing model is extra accessible because it comes ready to print, assemble, and use. Featuring a pocket-sized design, it provides maximum convenience for anyone who needs to transport their medication. It also features a flip-top lid for easy access to your medication. This 3D printing model is the perfect pill case for traveling, hiking, and more. Get your 3D printed Pocket Pill Box today!

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