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Playing Card Box image

by SometimesCake creative-commons

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Playing Card Box

About this model

01This designer 3D printed Playing Card Box is created by SometimesCake and it is truly a unique and creative piece of artwork. It is 3D modeled without the use of any external assistance to ensure perfection and is perfect for adding a touch of creativity and sophistication to your game night. This model includes one small, two medium, and three large box options to provide storage for a large variety of decks of playing cards. The box is perfect for keeping all of your decks together, offering convenient storage and protecting them against dust and general wear-and-tear. The design is modern and stylish, with an easy-to-assemble design and the smooth finish adding a sleek look. Get this 3D printed Playing Card Box by SometimesCake now and make your game night stand out. Be sure to check out the link here: for the downloadable file and all the details. Get the perfect accompaniment for your card game now!

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