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Parametric Rugged Box image

by TheSameNameTwice creative-commons

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Parametric Rugged Box

About this model

Introducing an incredible 3d print model created by TheSameNameTwice - the Parametric Rugged Box! This stunning 3d printed model not only looks great but is also a great way to store and organize minimalistic items. Thanks to its parametric feature, this box can be easily customized to perfectly fit your items and you can adjust the parameters any time. The unique geometric pattern gives it a truly rugged look that will truly add a unique look to your space. Download the free STL file from our website or directly from Thingiverse at to start your 3d printing adventure today. Get ready to explore a new world of 3d modeling with this amazing Parametric Rugged Box. 3d Printing, 3d printer, 3d print model, 3d model, STL, design, TheSameNameTwice, Parametric Rugged Box, Thingiverse, organizer, storage, geometric pattern, customized.

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