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Parametric Music Box image

by wizard23 creative-commons

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Parametric Music Box

About this model

This 3D print model is designed by the creator wizard23 and is called 'Parametric Music Box'. It is a perfect gift for music lovers to put a smile on your friends and family faces. This parametric music box includes a traditional wind-up music box mechanism that can be programmed to play any three-note melody. With every single music box and its unique design comes its own story! Each music box is also customizable, thanks to the easy-to-use parameters. Simply customize the musically inclined 3D printed model to make it a functional musical instrument and create a personal story with a unique melody. This 3D printed music box is available in multiple formats for 3D prints. Download the file and 3D print this beautiful piece of art with ease into your own home. 3D printing, music, creative, customizable, parametric, STL, model, 3D print

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