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MicroSD box image

by kozalakisk creative-commons

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MicroSD box

About this model

This incredible 3D print model is called MicroSD box and its creator is kozalakisk. The design is a versatile storage container which opens and closes easily and secures items in place all in one piece. This 3D print model is ideal for storing MicroSD cards safely and keeps them easy to find in a neat and organized way. This 3D printed MicroSD box offers secure storage for low profile cards including Adapt microSD cards, miniSD cards, and microSD cards. It is designed to be printed in one piece without any support, assembly, post-processing, or finishing required. The designer has been considerate enough to provide blueprints in both imperial and metric standard formats. Download this ultra-modern and versatile 3D print model from the Thingiverse website, created by kozalakisk. Find it here: and make have your own customized MicroSD box in no time. Perfect 3D print model for people who want to keep MicroSD cards safe and organized!

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