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by faberdasher creative-commons

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Lolly Box

About this model

This model of a Lolly Box was designed and created by faberdasher for 3D printing. Download the model from Thingiverse now (! It's a perfect way to display small, individual wrapped lollies or candies in style. It is designed to hold 15 pieces of candy, including their packaging, and its sleek shape and sleek design will look great in any home. The Lolly Box has a sophisticated look, while the practical design, with its clear shape, allows for easy storage. 3D printing this model requires a printer with a minimum build size of 140x140x140mm. It is available in STL format, ready to print on the most common 3d printers. Get the Lolly Box 3d model to treat your guests with candies! 3d-printing, model, STL, lolly box, candy, faberdasher, Thingiverse.

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