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Knurled Box image

by JorgTheElder creative-commons

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Knurled Box

About this model

This amazing 3D model is named Knurled Box and it has been designed by JorgTheElder. This 3D printable box has a unique knurled texture and the perfect size to store small items like keys, earbuds and jewelry. It has been engineered to be easy to print, without the need of using any support structure. It can be scaled to fit different sizes. RyeJorgTheElder’s Thingiverse page ( offers the STL file ready to be 3D printed in any filament you prefer. It is perfect for 3D printing small objects and showing off your 3D printer's capabilities with a decorative object. So make this 3D printable Knurled Box yours and let your friends be amazed by your 3D printing skills. 3D printing, knurled, Thingiverse, STL file, earbuds, JorgTheElder, jewelry, keys, 3D printed, scaling, box, printable, small objects.

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