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Japanese Puzzle Box image

by dob71 creative-commons

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Japanese Puzzle Box

About this model

This Japanese Puzzle Box 3D model was designed by dob71 and is suitable for 3D printing. It features a complex 10-step movement and an intricate design, making it a perfect challenge for anyone interested in assembling puzzles. Its intricate style and unique details make this 3D print an eye-catching result. This traditional Japanese design includes two sections, a hinged lid, and two small inner structures. Its complex 10-step mechanism ensures unique and thrilling experience. After 3D printing, glue may be necessary for proper assembly. The rendered model has an accurate and detailed design suitable for your creative projects--whether it's a classic desktop treat or a decorative home accent. Japanese Puzzle Box, 3D printing, dob71,, puzzle box, 3D model, assembly, complex 10-step movement, intricate design, two sections, hinged lid, two small inner structures, unique details, eye-catching result, traditional Japanese design, accurate and detailed design, classic desktop, decorative home accent.

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