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Iris Box v3 image

by emmett creative-commons

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Iris Box v3

About this model

The Iris Box v3 by emmett is a great 3D printing model available on Thingiverse. This model will provide you with a decorative storage box perfect for adding a unique touch to any room. Featuring a beautiful and intricate flower design, this 3D model is perfect for adding a delightfully organic and rustic feel. Each petal of the flower is ornamentally carved into the box, making it a great option for a party decoration or for adding a more rustic and artful touch to any shelf or table. Perfect for office supplies, small items, or items of jewelry. The Iris Box v3 by emmett on Thingiverse is an amazing and beautifully-crafted 3D printed box that is sure to add a unique decorative touch to any room. Tags: 3D Print Model, 3D Printing Model, Decorative Storage Box, Rustic Decoration, Office Supply Storage, Jewelry Storage, Small Box, Emmett, Thingiverse.

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