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Iris Box v2 image

by RoboBaggins creative-commons

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Iris Box v2

About this model

309The Iris Box v2 3D print model by RoboBaggins is a multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing box that's perfect for storage or decoration. It features a classic, modern design, with strong and smooth walls and four distinct faces for easy placement. The model is designed for easy slicing and gives you full creative freedom to adjust and customize it to create something unique. It is an ideal addition to any home to be used for storage or decoration. With its versatile design and beautiful décor qualities, the Iris Box v2 will fit right in with any room's decor. This 3D model is available for download on Thingiverse and is guaranteed to be the perfect addition to any display shelf, table, or counter. It utilizes multiple layers and supports for easy printing and its simple design ensures that your prints won't fail. Robobaggins makes sure that their models are consistent with the highest quality standards and attention to detail. Get the Iris Box v2 to add some style and fun to your living space.

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