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Hollow Dragon Box image

by ModernGnome creative-commons

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Hollow Dragon Box

About this model

This incredible Hollow Dragon Box was designed by ModernGnome and is now available in full 3D print model format for your personal and commercial projects. It’s perfect for any dragon lovers or fantasy project and has been designed from the ground up with incredible detail and complexity. The hollow design and cutouts make it a perfect center piece for your table, desk, or any other surface you choose. Right now you can get the 3D print model of this Hollow Dragon Box by ModernGnome on Thingiverse and start printing it on your 3D printer today.This Hollow Dragon Box 3D print model has been optimized for 3D printing and can be printed in a range of materials, such as PLA, Wood-fill, or ABS. It has an incredible level of detail, intricate designs, and cuts, making it stand out from other 3D models. It was designed in Fusion 360 and rendered in Autodesk 3D Studio Max. Get the Hollow Dragon Box by ModernGnome on Thingiverse and start creating something magical today.Keywords: 3D Print Model, Hollow Dragon Box, ModernGnome, Thingiverse, PLA, Wood-fill, ABS, Fusion 360, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Dragon Lover, Fantasy, Intricate Designs, Detail, Cutouts

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