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Golden Snitch Ring Box image

by xtchronosage creative-commons

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Golden Snitch Ring Box

About this model

This Golden Snitch Ring Box is the perfect way to store your precious jewelry. It has been designed by xtchronosage and 3d printed from a digital 3d model on Thingiverse. This 3d printable jewelry container is intricately designed in the style of the iconic golden snitch from the popular Harry Potter book series. A great 3d printable gift for any Harry Potter fan, this 3d printed ring box adds a unique and sophisticated touch to any piece of jewelry. With its perfect proportions and intricate details, the Golden Snitch Ring Box 3d printed model is sure to make a big impression on any occasion. 3d printing, Harry Potter, jewelry box, ring box, golden snitch, unique, sophisticated, xtchronosage, Thingiverse, 3d model, 3d printing model, 3d printed, gift, digital 3d model.

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