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Filament dry box for 3-4 spools of filament image

by bummster creative-commons

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Filament dry box for 3-4 spools of filament

About this model

This 3D print model of a filament dry box created by bummster allows you to store up to four spools of filament. The convenient compartmentalization and airtight design help to keep your 3D printing filament protected from humidity and dust. Your materials will remain in perfect condition, providing you with hassle-free and reliable printing performance for an extended period of time. This dry box has a small footprint and easy-access lid, perfect for 3D printer hobbyists and professional makers alike. Its durable premium construction offers both improved flexibility and minimization of material wastage. Make sure your 3D printing supplies remain dry and safe-get the perfect filament storage solution with this 3D print model by bummster – Filament dry box for 3-4 spools of filament. Get it now from Thingiverse for free.

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