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Customizable Magnetic Hinge Box image

by walter creative-commons

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Customizable Magnetic Hinge Box

About this model

Design your own Customizable Magnetic Hinge Box with a 3D printer! This 3D printing model designed by walter on Thingiverse is a versatile storage box that can be put together in multiple ways. With a variety of styles and sizes available - from tiny to large - you can customize this 3D printable Magnetic Hinge Box to your own needs. Made from flexible PLA plastic, the hinges and magnetic closure ensure that your 3D print will stay together, allowing you to store small items, organize your workspace, or use the printable model as creative gift wrapping. With different sizes available, this 3D printing model offers maximum flexibility and can be adapted to fit any storage or organizing need. Download the STL files of this ‘Customizable Magnetic Hinge Box’ 3D printable model from Thingiverse now and let your imagination come to life!

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