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Customizable drawer box with hex pattern sides image

by gpvillamil creative-commons

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Customizable drawer box with hex pattern sides

About this model

3This 3D printable customizable drawer box with hex pattern sides is an amazing piece of art work designed by gpvillamil. Enjoy in your home the modern look that this uniquely crafted design can bring, with its intricate hexagon patterned sides. You can download the 3D model file for free, or you can customize the design and make it to fit perfectly in your home. Use your own personal 3D printer to bring this creative design to life! The optional closable lid allows you to store multiple items inside such as jewelry, stationaries, costumes, or anything else you desire. It looks amazing on its own or can be used as a centerpiece for any room. 3D printing, hex, drawer box, customizable, patterned side, closable lid, store items, art work, free 3D model file, gpvillamil design, intricate design.

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