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by thingiverse creative-commons

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Customizable Box

About this model

This Customizable Box 3d print model is great a choice for your 3d printing needs. Easily personalize the box to fit your own unique style, adding a special touch. Shaped like a hexagon, this 3d model is designed by the creator thingiverse with dimensions of 70mm width, 62mm length and 88mm height. It's perfect for storing small items like earrings, coins, jewelry or any other small objects you may need. The download file includes both the .STL and .OBJ versions. print this customizable box 3d model with your home 3d printer and be sure it will materialize with a quality build. #CustomizableBox #3DPrintModel #3DModel #Thingiverse #Maker #DIY #3DPrinting #Hexagon #STL #OBJ

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