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Custom Heart Box image

by emmett creative-commons

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Custom Heart Box

About this model

This custom heart box from emmett on Thingiverse is a beautiful 3D print model that can be used to show your love and appreciation. It is precise and perfect, with precise square-edged internal walls and smooth outer walls. The sides feature symmetrical cuts and curved edges for a delicate effect. A snap-on lid allows you to safely store items inside. The 3d printing model consists of multiple components that assemble together to create a finished piece. It’s the perfect Valentine's day, Mother’s day or Father’s day gift. This unique custom heart box has a maximum size of 90.8 x 87 x 52.3mm and is available in various 3d printing materials like spruce, plastic, and metals. With its intricate and creative design, this 3D model will surely make a great addition to your 3D prints collection. Download the 3D printable model now from Thingiverse URL to make enjoyable 3d custom heart boxes.

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