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Companion Cube Gift box image

by chefmaki creative-commons

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Companion Cube Gift box

About this model

27The Companion Cube Gift Box is a vibrantly colored 3D print model designed by chefmaki. This unique model features an eye-catching box featuring the iconic Companion Cube symbol from the classic video game Portal. This 3D print model provides a fun and unique way to gift special items, or perhaps simply a thoughtful token of appreciation to others. The Companion Cube Gift Box is quick and easy to print and assemble, and uses just 13.9g of filament for a 15x15x15cm block. The model is perfect for 3D printing enthusiasts, avid gamers, or anyone looking to express their creative side. It’s a perfect gift for any occasion and can be the conversation starter of any party or gathering. Give the gift of your favorite video game character with the Companion Cube Gift Box 3D print model from chefmaki.

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