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Companion Cube Double Deck Box image

by Archimiedies creative-commons

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Companion Cube Double Deck Box

About this model

This 3D print model of a Companion Cube Double Deck Box by Archimiedies is guaranteed to bring an extra dimension to any board game session. With the ability to store up to two decks of cards, it's a functional and stylish way to show off your favorite games. Constructed from multiple parts and featuring intricate details, this 3D printed treasured item is sure to be a hit. The box includes two lids, one 7"x7" (178mmx178mm) base and one 12"(305mm) circumference wall along with all the necessary pieces to assemble. With its contemporary play design, this Companion Cube Double Deck Box is the perfect addition to your game room or as a great addition to your 3D printed collection. 3D printing, 3D print models, 3D printing models, Archimiedies, 3D prints, game room, board games, double deck box, storage, cards, lids, Companion Cube, treasured item.

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