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Boîte Impossible - Impossible Box !  image

by HelioxLab creative-commons

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Boîte Impossible - Impossible Box !

About this model

This amazing 3D print model is named "Boîte Impossible" or "Impossible Box" and was designed by the creative minds at HelioxLab. This 3D printable is a small, deceptively simple-looking box where its lid can only be opened from the inside contrary to its appearance. The edges of this 3D printed cube are perfectly smooth, and its interior space is surprisingly isolated from the lid. Challenge yourself and explore this beautiful illusion with your 3D printer. This incredible 3D print model is available to print in both multi-color filament and ready to paint pre-printed kits. Get creative and have fun 3D printing the "Boîte Impossible" or "Impossible Box" designed by HelioxLab. Show your friends and family a truly impossible 3D creation today on your 3D printer, available for download from Thingiverse at

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