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Battery box for AA cells image

by flummer creative-commons

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Battery box for AA cells

About this model

The 3d printable Battery box for AA cells created by flummer is the ideal storage solution for keeping batteries safe and organized. It will accommodate up to 8 AA or AAA batteries, and comes complete with a lid for easy and secure closure. The product features an elegant design with minimal use of 3d printed parts, and each side is color coded according to the type of cells it can hold. For convenience, the creator has even included a clip to attach the box to any surface. Perfect for any enthusiasts of 3d printing and batteries, this 3d print model is available for download on Thingiverse from the following URL: Don't miss out on this amazing 3d print model and its features such as battery box, AA cells, flummer, lid, minimal 3d printed parts, color coding side, clip and more. Get it now from Thingiverse!

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