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Ball base for Venus box image

by Prot0typ1cal creative-commons

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Ball base for Venus box

About this model

This 3D printable ball base for Venus box is designed from scratch and brought to you by Prot0typ1cal designer. The Venus box is a gift box created exclusively for special occasions. With this ball base, you can make your own creative Venus box that really stands out and is special. This design is perfect for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and more. The base is made out of 4 parts that fit together seamlessly and conform to the box shape, providing a sturdy base that is easy to assemble and take apart. The base can also be customized with colorful decals and design elements to create a stunning and memorable gift. Download and 3D print this ball base for your own unique and creative Venus box today! Keywords: 3D Print, 3D Printable, Ball Base, Prot0typ1cal, Venus Box, Gift Box, Special Occasions, Design, Assembly, Customization, Decals.

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