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Balcony box image

by plasticbarista creative-commons

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Balcony box

About this model

This 3D print model called 'Balcony Box' is an accurate representation of a box for balcony railings created by Plastic Barista. With an impressive precision of 0.3mm, this model is made using 3D CAD software and is ready to download in an STL file format and customized according to your needs. Perfectly scaled for FDM 3D printing, this stl file is ready to be 3D printed. The model size is 120 x 90 x 70 mm with a 3D printing resolution of 0.2 mm that ensures perfect results for your 3D prints. Make your balcony look unique and stand out with this amazing Balcony Box 3D print model and bring a splash of color to your outdoor living space. Give your balcony a special touch with this 3D printed Balcony Box model from Plastic Barista, and make your friends and family envious. Get this Balcony Box Model now and experience the joy of 3D printing in your living space.

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