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AA Battery Storage Box image

by TheSameNameTwice creative-commons

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AA Battery Storage Box

About this model

This AA Battery Storage Box 3d print model was designed for storing AA batteries, created by "TheSameNameTwice" who made it available for download on Thingiverse. It’s a practical 3d Printed box designed to hold up to 20 AA batteries even in a small size for easy carrying. Its key features are a shop lid, multiple vents, multiple side hooks and it also includes inserts with separators. This 3d print model is suitable for use in both home and office applications and is ideal for storing and organizing the batteries. It is designed to be an easy-to-print design with no additional supports needed. With this high-quality 3d print model, you can easily store and securely organize your AA batteries. Download this 3d printed storage box today and add some extra convenience to your battery storage! 3D printing, AA battery storage box, TheSameNameTwice, batteries, Thingiverse, 3d print model, store, organize, home, office, high quality, no supports, easy to print.

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